Update| Npower agro applicants that have not writen test should login

Npower agro applicants

Npower agro applicants. According to the report reaching us now, the people appled for npower agro and have not write test should login now and do there test. We have sent SMS to all N-Power Agro applicants.

Npower agro applicants

Npower agro applicants

However, we understand that some people have not received the SMS.

So if you have not received the SMS and haven’t written the test, please log in with your BVN and phone number.

If you are unable to log in, please note that your BVN records DON’T match your application consequently your application journey has come to an end.

The Agro test will end on 31th July 2017. Go now and take your test or you forget about it for this year.

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