[photos] Nibo Aguata Road | Anambra State Under Disaster

nibo Aguata road

The road that leads to nibo Aguata road in Anambra state. Is under serious problem, due to the heavy rainfall on that area the express road is been affected, with a serious disaster which is blocking the road  gradually.

nibo Aguata road

According to Kenechukwu onwunzo:

There is a state of emergency at Nibo, along Aguata Ring Road. Motorists beware. The road which used to be the only decent road. That connects the Nibo area with Aguata is caving as we speak now. A multi-million naira building. Is on the verge of being lost to the environmental hazard.

Willie’s administration is a scam. Why should u pretend as if you care for the masses while you are there to enrich yourself and family. The people of  Anambra. If we do any mistake in voting Willie again.

l bet you we Will shed tears in the next four years. Can you believe that as am reporting to you now that Willie is working team has not been there yet. They claim they love anambra people.

The state government under the governing of chief williams Abiano. The executive governor of Anambra state should look into this road. and rescue  masses. VIEW PHOTOS BELOW:

Nibo Aguata Road

nibo Aguata road

nibo Aguata road




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