Igbos Caused Us Great Harm In Just 2 Years – Man Cry Out

Igbos Caused Us Great Harm

Igbos Caused Us Great Harm In Just 2 Years. Following the situation in the country a northern man cries out that igbo’s has cause more harm than good in the past two years. Read below according to him:

Igbos Caused Us Great Harm

Igbos Caused Us Great Harm In Just 2 Years

1.Because of igbos, the Government/network providers are tinkering with increasing data prices/rates.

2. Because of igbos, our right of free speech will be curtailed by the enactment of the law against hate speech.

3. Because of igbos. The government wants to officially censor the sites we can log on to on the internet.

4. Because of igbos, we are a nation on the edge of internal strife.

5. Because of Igbos, we now hate each other as a people.

What is the reason for all these? They said they are angry that Jonathan was voted out and that we have not offered our Presidency to them on a platter of gold.

I think the government harken to the voice of majority of the igbos. And conduct the much vaunted referendum. There is no need trying to force love and unity.

In the meantime, we need to show love to the igbos while they are still with us and we should eschew any acts of violence against the igbo. Our northern brothers should please desist from attacking/evicting the igbo after Oct. 1. As that would play right into the hands of the IPOB.

Finally, the whole nation is keenly watching what the government would do on the issue of Nnamdi Kanu. As that would be a precedent for other Nigerians on what to do.

The desire of a certain tribe for secession should not cause us all harm. The igbos should be allowed to decide if they want to remain Nigerians.

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