DJ Khaled Launching His Own Line Of Soap

DJ Khaled Launching His Own Line Of Soap

DJ Khaled Launching His DJ Khaled own line of soap to be launched. Chopping it up for a few minutes, Khaled revealed that he had a new single with Justin Bieberand a couple “more of his friends” on the way, but we already know that will feature Chance The Rapper & Quavo. By the photos that leaked online of their video shoot a couple weeks ago.


Unfortunately, Khaled remained tight lipped about when we’ll get to hear the single or project for that matter, but he says it’s coming soon. Drake Replace DJ Khaled At Wireless Festival. DJ Khaled own line of soap

DJ Khaled Launching His Own Line Of Soap

In addition to the brief album talk, Khaled & Conan also talked about his love for Dove soap, something Khaled has been very vocal about on social media in the years past (see twitter clip below). DJ Khaled new soap Then ironically, Khaled went on to talk about launching his own line of soap, saying he thought of the idea while vacationing recently in Mexico.

“I’ma make my own soap. DJ Khaled new soap, So Im here to announce today [and this is crazy that we’re talking about this] that Im going to make my own soap,” Khaled says to the crowd’s ovation. “Let me ask the fans, if you go to the store and you see another soap and my soap, which one are you going to get?” He added. Download DJ Khaled ft Demi Lovato – I Believe mp3

Now whether or not he’s actually serious about doing this remains to be seen, but it’s Khaled we’re talking about here and I wouldn’t put it past him. “I’ma make my own soap,” Khaled said on Conan Tuesday night

Check out the clip (below), along with other footage of him talking about the forthcoming single & album. Would you support Khaled’s line of soap? DJ Khaled new soap


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