Mick Jenkins – Bruce Banner

Mick Jenkins Bruce Banner mp3 download

Bruce Banner mp3 download

Mick Jenkins new song Bruce Banner. Lyrically, there are only a select few capable of hanging with Mick, let alone matching his effortless swagger. “N***as lose medullas fucking with my shooters,” he warns, “rappers lose medallions fucking with Chicago.”

Say no more. While foregoing musical trends in favor of sheer lyricism, Jenkins riddles “Bruce Banner” with wordplay, punchlines, and an absolutely menacing flow; in some ways, he’s reminiscent here of a young Crooked I, only fueled by a poet’s fear of death.

It would appear that “Bruce Banner” is a harbinger of a new Mick Jenkins album. While details are scarce, Mick’s new single plays out like a forceful reminder of who is truly in charge; this one feels like a statement, and if Mick continues to wander down this direction, his forthcoming project may be his best effort thus far. Stream “Bruce Banner” now, and sound off. Did ya’ll drink your water

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Download Mick Jenkins – Bruce Banner

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