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Rogers recorded “Give A Little” with big-dog pop producer Greg Kurstin. It’s a warm, rippling pop song that makes the most of Rogers, graceful, approachable voice. It already sounds like a hit. In a handwritten note included with a press release, Rogers says that “Give A Little” was the last song that she wrote for her as-yet-untitled forthcoming album:

I wrote “Give A Little” on the day of the national school walkout for gun control. For all the months I’ve spent feeling helpless and frustrated with the world around me, on that day I was so inspired by the change those students were fighting and continue to fight for. As my friend Taylor put it, “a world where we treat problems as human issues, not political ones.” A world where we are visionary, not reactionary.

This is a song about empathy. In the midst of all this fear and hate, what if we got the chance to re-introduce ourselves? What if somebody listened?

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