Lil Baby – Seattle

Lil Baby Seattle mp3 download Hardaway 1k Show My Ass feat. Lil Baby mp3 download

Lil Baby Seattle mp3 download.

Lil Baby released new single track titled ” Seattle” after fans has been waiting for the banger to drop. listen share with friends and download Lil Baby Seattle mp3.


Perhaps Lil Baby got really inspired in Seattle and couldn’t figure out a title for his new track because he just dropped a song called “Seattle” with no references to the city. Regardless, the Atlanta rapper came through with some more heat. Continuing an impressive run that he started earlier in the year.

As one of the hottest up-and-comers right now. Baby has continually released new heat after the success of Harder Than Ever. Quickly becoming one of Quality Control’s marquee stars, the recording artist’s. Drops are critical in determining exactly where he’s headed with his next projects. Coming through today, Baby dropped a short (but sweet) new track for his fans.

Premiering on Wordstar’s YouTube page, the track runs for less than 2 minutes and while it may be a demo for something potentially longer, the song is still hitting fans right with many commenting that it’s as fiery as his debut album.

“Seattle” cuts off pretty abruptly as many would expect Baby to go off for a second verse, especially considering his proven performance ability. At the end of the day, we’re glad hearing some new Lil Baby and we’re crossing our fingers for a new project in the near future.

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