Iron & Wine – What Hurts Worse

Iron & Wine What Hurts Worse mp3 download

& What Hurts Worse mp3 download. Iron & released new singke tarckj titled ” What Hurts Worse” fans has been waiting for the hot single. Listen share with friends and download What Hurts Worse mp3.


As you might imagine, he wrote a lot of songs in those six years, and all of those songs didn’t make it onto Beast Epic. And next month, Beam will release Weed Garden, a new EP of songs from the same period.

According to Mxdwn, the songs on Weed Garden aren’t outtakes. They’re just songs that Beam didn’t have time to finish as he was putting the album together. The EP features six new songs, and if the first single is any indication, the new EP shouldn’t represent a step down in quality.

Today, Beam shared the EP’s first single, a delicate ramble called “What Hurts Worse.” It’s a lush, delicate song, full of fingerpicked guitars and lightly rumbling drums and hushed keyboards. Like so many Iron & Wine songs, it’s the sort of thing that seems built for contemplatively staring out car windows on autumn road trips. It’s an awfully pretty song, and you can hear it below.

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Iron & Wine came out with new song ” What Hurts Worse”


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