Human People – California

Human People California mp3 download

California mp3 download

Human People new song California. There’s a whole lot of songs out there about California, Either romanticizing it as a sun-soaked paradise or pulling back the veneer to expose its less-than-perfect underbelly. Human People’s contribution to the canon sits somewhere between the two.

“California” is the new single from the band’s upcoming debut album, Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears — they shared a video for “Radiator Water” from it last fall — and the. New York-based band crackles with the tension that’s always existed between the coasts.

“I’m gonna go to Cali-fuckin’-fornia/ It’s where I will die.” Hayley Livingston drawls in the chorus. The band matches her disposition with a snarling snottiness. Making California feel like just another dead-end stop on a road where the change of locale won’t fix whatever you’re unhappy with.

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