DJ Holiday – 2 Seater Feat. Quavo & 21 Savage

DJ Holiday 2 Seater Feat. Quavo & 21 Savage mp3 download

2 Seater Feat. Quavo & 21 Savage Mp3 Download.

DJ Holiday released new single track titled ” 2 Seater ” Feat. Quavo & 21 Savage. While his output of late has been met with raised eyebrows and accusations of “phoning-it-in,” Quavo seems somewhat reinvigorated this time around. Kicking off the up-tempo track with a hook-verse tandem, Huncho slides over the instrumental with his signature flow, delivering a few moments of imaginative imagery.


“We gotta move like Obama, Obama, Obama, my n***s playing with plastic,” he raps, “my life a real scare tactic.” Still, it would be nice to hear Quavo switch up the flow, as it’s starting to sound a little bit repetitive; swagger and charisma can only go so far.

Despite that, 21 Savage has made a living out of monotony, though he wears it undeniably well. Perhaps it’s because he’s continuously imbued his music with a matter-of-fact sense of humor, spitting “I grab my bitch’s booty every time that we hug, she got ass shots, but I still fell in love.”

Good to know that 21 is capable of looking beyond outer beauty. Interestingly enough, however, 21 continues to rap about VVS diamonds, despite claiming to disavow jewelry. Perhaps we shouldn’t overthink it; VVS diamonds remain one of hip-hop’s most referenced properties, for better or worse.

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