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Baka new song Gi Mi Dat Work. Baka Not Nice finally dropped his debut project. His summer release is called 4Milli and contains 8 feature-less trap tracks. Each one bumps hard as they deal mostly with stacking money and winning the game.

The closest Baka comes to penning a love song is found in “Cream Of The Crop” where he describes how he only rides with the baddest ones. A close second is found in his banger called “Gi Mi Dat Work.” The track would play well in a club as it wields a hook that is relatable for virtually any situation. In this case, the verses deal with hustling and getting it in with a cocaine-cooking honey.

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After all the hype, the song closes with a somber edge. Baka offers a spoken outro that calls out whoever dodges the rough times. In this way, 4Milli ends with a kind of meditation on the realness one needs to discern while playing the game.

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