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The Internet Hive Mind Album mp3 download

Download  Hive Mind zip mp3 download.  released new album alfter a while titled ” Hive Mind”. Listen share with friends and download  Hive Mind mp3.


Download The Internet Hive Mindzip album mp3 download

Hive Mind also finds the Internet expanding their pool of influences beyond the usual Odd Future touchstones like the Neptunes and N.E.R.D. Tellingly, Sade gets a few shout-outs on the sensual “La Di Da,” which name-checks both the British quiet-storm group’s frontwoman and their 1984 hit “Smooth Operator.”

Throughout the album, the Internet dresses up their arrangements with live horns and woodwinds, adding a touch of flute to the electric piano and mellifluous bass of opening track “Come Together,” and soft trumpet and saxophone to the mellow rap on “It Gets Better.” Download The Internet Hive Mindzip album mp3 download

Syd remains the group’s undisputed standout, her smoky, seemingly effortless vocals making natural come-ons out of tracks like “Stay the Night” and “Mood.” It doesn’t hurt that her unabashed expressions of same-sex desire remain woefully underrepresented in mainstream R&B and pop.

Three years ago, hearing Syd sing about women without ambiguous pronouns felt like an inevitable symptom of progress; in 2018, it feels more like an act of resistance. Download The Internet Hive Mindzip album mp3 download

But as unique and beguiling a figure as Syd remains, much of Hive Mind‘s appeal comes from its unabashed commitment to the Internet as a holistic group. This is most obvious in the way Syd hands over vocal duties to guitarist Steve Lacy on two tracks, including lead single “Roll (Burbank Funk).”

More to the point, however, the songs themselves are crucially the work of all five members, not just a vehicle for a charismatic singer. The result is the Internet’s most musically diverse and synergetic album to date.

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Download The Internet Hive Mindzip album mp3 download


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